International Travel Medicine

What do I need for my trip?

Traveling internationally carries with it the risk of diseases that are in the United States and some that either have been eradicated or have never been here.  The specific immunizations you need are based not only on the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), but by your actual itinerary.
A general list of immunizations and malaria medications for your destination can be found at 

During your consultation with our certified travel medicine counselors, a risk analysis will be made for you and your specific itinerary which will evaluate risks of disease coupled with your personal health history to develop a plan for optimizing your travel health needs. You will be given an opportunity to discuss each recommended and required immunization and other risk factors that may be present during your trip. 

Any vaccines that you might need will be available as well as any prescriptions for malaria or other travel related medications.