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Global Medical Trips



   December 14-21, 2013   Chacraseca, Nicaragua       CLOSED

                        Working with JustHope and DOCARE



     Feb 1- 8, 2014   Guatemala        CLOSED

                        Partnering with True North Missions on the Rio

                            Dulce River



    March 1-8, 2014   Chacraseca, Nicaragua      CLOSED

                            Continuing Medical Education with ATSU

                            Partnering with JustHope



    March 15-28, 2014   Mweurka, Uganda       OPEN

                            Partnering with Blessings of Joy

                                and DOCARE

                            Serving in Mweruka Village, Kyanamukaaka Subcounty,

                                Masaka District

                            Blessing of Joy is a school/orphanage in a desperately

                                poor area of Uganda.  We will also be serving a 

                                Christian school in Jinja, Uganda.  The majority of patients

                                are expected to be children. One day each will be

                                spent in the New Life School 7 miles from Blessings of

                                Joy and in the New Life School in Kampala.



    May 21-28, 2014     Chacraseca, Nicaragua     OPEN

                            Partnering with JustHope

                                and DOCARE





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